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TADs in Rockford, IL

There are many cases when a patient is diagnosed with severe problems concerning their jaw.  When this happens the orthodontist may recommend that the patient have a surgical procedure to correct it. In recent years, there have been numerous amounts of important technological advances in orthodontics. One of these advances is the creation of a temporary anchorage device also known as a TAD.

TADs are tiny implants made of titanium-alloy that range from 6 to 12 millimeters long and 1.2 to 2 millimeters wide. Their purpose is to assist in the realigning teeth and jaws by being temporarily fixed to the bone. Once anchored they can be used as a fixed point from which the teeth can move. Prior to their use when orthodontist wanted to move certain teeth while keeping others still, they had to rely on headgear or surgery. Once the use of TADs was perfected non-surgical options became available for Dr. Yang to realign jaws without surgery. In many cases, with the use of TA’s, jaw surgeries have become a thing of the past. Your orthodontist will be expertly trained in inserting and using TADs.

TADs are becoming more and more accepted in the orthodontic community and are changing how malocclusions are treated, however, they are only used on patients who have their adult teeth. Placements of TADs are custom made for each patient and are placed in many different parts in the mouth and are there to apply force to move teeth. When receiving TAD treatments patients can expect shorter treatment times. Your orthodontist will discuss if the TAD will be used for the entire course of the orthodontic treatment or only for a few short months. Discomfort is minimal to none and taking care of TADs usually only requires regular brushing.


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