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Emergency Orthodontic Care in Rockford, IL

There are times when an emergency arises and you must pay a visit to your orthodontist for treatment. Orthodontic emergencies can range from lost fillings, broken tooth or a problem with braces that cannot be taken care of at home. It is very important to visit your orthodontist when issues arise because putting off treatment can cause additional pain and more orthodontic problems.

Tooth pain and discomfort can be caused by a variety of circumstances. Cavities, broken teeth from a sports accident, lost fillings, are all reasons that an emergency visit to the orthodontist is necessary. Your orthodontist will determine the severity of the emergency and may recommend a treatment at home until the office is open. If the patient’s pain is too agonizing to wait, Dr. Yang may recommend that their patients visit the emergency room at their local hospital in or near Rockford. Many hospitals in various cities have services for orthodontic emergencies. They can provide treatment for the orthodontic problem until Winnebago Braces office is open.

Problems with your braces, like soreness, loose wires or broken brackets, for example, may need immediate emergency orthodontic treatment by [digidotcor]. It is important that when an emergency arises with a broken braces appliance, patients know the name of the various parts of the braces and keep them in clean safe place until you can see your orthodontist.  Your orthodontist may recommend various treatments that patients can use at home depending on the severity of the orthodontic emergency and if the pain is associated with the emergency.

It is essential that when patients face orthodontic emergencies reliable treatment is made available. It’s very important that patients follow their orthodontist’s instructions to prevent other emergency situations from occurring. Taking care of your teeth is a key component of oral health care.


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