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Emergency Braces Care in Rockford, IL

If you experience an orthodontic emergency such as severe pain or an appliance malfunction that cannot be taken care of at home, it is important to contact your local orthodontist as soon as possible. Some issues can be temporarily resolved at home until your orthodontist is seen. Once the problem is temporarily fixed, it is important to schedule an appointment with Dr. Yang so the problem can be fixed professionally. Wearing a broken device can extend the time needed for treatment.

When you first receive braces, it is normal for your mouth to be sore. Biting and chewing will be painful when you first start treatment. Relief is as simple as rinsing your mouth with a warm salt-water solution. If you feel irritation on your lips, cheeks, and tongue your orthodontist will give you instructions on how to put wax on the braces to alleviate the annoyance. Another way to relieve pain is to take aspirin or ibuprofen as directed.

Other discomforts that can cause emergency visits to orthodontist are uncomfortable headgear, loose or poking wires, and loose brackets. If your treatment requires you to wear headgear floor your orthodontist’s instructions so it can be worn properly. Not following directions may lead to major discomfort. It is also important to contact your Dr. Yang as soon as possible if the facebow to the headgear is bent.

Repairing loose wires can be as simple as using a pair of tweezers to put the wire back in place. Once this is done, add wax to stabilize it. If this does not help, carefully use a small fingernail clipper to securely fasten the wire behind the last tooth. Add wax for to lessen the discomfort and schedule an appointment with your orthodontist as soon as possible. Poking wires can be remedied by using a pencil eraser to push the wire back into place and putting wax on to minimize irritation. If your braces’ brackets and/or bands become loose but still has the wire attached it is important to leave it in place and stabilize it with wax. If this doesn’t resolve the issue and the wire comes out completely wrap the bracket in a tissue and call your orthodontist immediately.