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How Braces Work in Rockford, IL

Braces can improve your oral health and your smile, but how do they work? Well, by using very small pieces of hardware, such as brackets and wires, braces are bonded to your teeth with glue. Once your braces are attached, Dr. Yang will schedule you for regular appointments for adjustments. During these adjustments, Dr. Yang will tighten your hardware. When your hardware is tightened, your teeth will loosen slightly but enough to promote gradual movement. Within 12-24 months, your teeth should be in their rightful places.  Your smile will thank you!

Today, we have many options in regards to braces. Traditional braces are much lighter in weight and structure than before. The stainless steel and metal brackets are bonded to your teeth using a particular type of cement. Ceramic braces work in the same way as traditional but the brackets are made from a clear and more natural ceramic material making these braces more discreet. For those who are truly concerned about having braces bonded to their teeth, a great option for your would be Invisalign. Invisalign is a clear and removable aligner that is custom made for you. Instead of coming in for adjustments as you would for braces, you’ll get a new aligner for every step of your treatment to promote the gradual movement of your teeth.

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