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Two-Phase Treatment in Rockford, IL

Two-phase treatment in orthodontics is a process that specializes in combining physical changes of a patient’s face while straightening their teeth. The purpose of Two-Phase Treatment is to give the patient a healthier more aesthetic looking smile. To achieve the best results, it is necessary to begin treatment as soon as jaw problems are noticed.

Phase One of the treatments can begin as early as age six when a variance in the jaw’s growth or overcrowding of teeth is noticed. If treatment is given early enough it can prevent the need for more evasive surgical procedures or the extraction of permanent teeth.

It is important that the patient’s records are kept with us. Record keeping is vital to keeping track of a patient’s treatment. During the first visit, we will make a record of the diagnosis and treatment. We will record how long the treatment will last, how often the patient needs to see the orthodontist, as well as any X-rays and models of the teeth.

There is also a resting period during Phase One of the treatment. During this time the remaining permanent teeth are left alone to develop and grow. Retaining devices are not recommended at this step of the treatment because the use of them would not allow the patient’s adult teeth to grow properly. Some freedom of movement is allowed for the permanent teeth so they can position themselves correctly in the patient’s mouth. It is also determined during this stage if some of the primary or baby teeth will be removed to prevent them from becoming impacted or displaced.

Dr. Yang will also take a very important step in Phase One of the treatment by monitoring patient’s progress. It is extremely important to monitor how the permanent teeth are growing during the resting phase. Periodically appointments will be scheduled to closely observe how the adult teeth are growing. Six months is the normal time frame for the observation appointments.

During Phase Two it is the goal of our office to make sure that each tooth is harmoniously aligning themselves with the patient’s facial features as well as their other teeth, cheeks, tongue, and lips. Once this is done it is then determined if braces are needed and how long the braces will be worn.

The beginning of the Two-Phase Treatment starts with Phase One, where the doctor records the patient’s diagnosis and treatment plan. Once this is established Dr. Yang will then make a record of the types of appliances that will be used correcting the issues the patient is having with the improper growth of his or her teeth and jaw. Phase Two begins when the permanent teeth have completed their growth. It is also decided by your orthodontist if braces will be needed to assist in straightening the patient’s teeth. Once Phase Two is complete, the need for the use of a retainer to keep the patient’s new smile beautiful will be evaluated.


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