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Children’s Orthodontics in Rockford, IL

By age seven your child’s mouth has grown to the size of an adult’s.  While your child may still have their primary teeth, your dentist can already determine any future oral issues your child may have as they age. As always, it’s best to catch problems and take care of them early.  At Winnebago Braces one of our goals is to ensure your children have a healthy environment for their adult teeth to grow into. These early interventions may include:

  • Palatal Expansion: this treatment will fix cross bites and help create room for teeth that may come in crooked. Using this expansion at an early stage can also prevent lower jaw shifts as well.
  • Partial Braces: Unlike full braces, which are bonded to all teeth, partial braces can be applied to the front upper and lower teeth. This will help your child if their teeth are crowding a bit or if their teeth have come in crooked. The best part of partial braces is that the issue is usually resolved within 3-6 months
  • Space Maintenance: since crowding is such a common issue, space maintainers are used when it’s obvious a tooth is going to come in crooked. This appliance will be used to guarantee the problem-tooth will erupt straighter than it would if left alone.

Children’s orthodontics in Rockford are here to catch your child’s oral problems before they truly occur. Come visit Dr. Yang today to explore your options.

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