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AcceleDent in Rockford, IL

Winnebago Braces has a new orthodontic treatment that is providing patients a way to receive straighter, more beautiful smiles is a shorter amount of time. AcceleDent, an advanced accelerated orthodontic device, helps patients straighten their teeth more comfortably than with braces or aligners. It is very easy to use and has been clinically shown to reduce the discomfort that is normally associated with orthodontic treatments.

How Does AcceleDent Work?

AcceleDent is a safe way to straighten teeth using soft-pulse technology to effectively move teeth faster and more comfortably.  The convenient hands-free device is only needed 20 minutes a day and can be used when you’re doing all your regular activities.

AcceleDent offers many benefits to your dental health. Along with a comfortable accelerated treatment time, AcceleDent can reduce oral health issues like gum inflammation, white spots, and tooth decay. Patients become empowered participants in their treatment with AcceleDent’s smartphone app. This app has performance features that allow patients to use their AcceleDent for the recommended 20 minutes a day when it’s more convenient for the patient’s schedule.        

With this latest advancement in orthodontic technology, AcceleDent is becoming a highly recommended convenient way to help patients achieve a perfect smile. Contact Dr. Yang today for more information about AcceleDent.

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